I was introduced to ChoreoBarre®Fitness in 2017 and immediately fell in love with it. I was no stranger to barre classes and took many different formats since 2011, but Anna's ChoreoBarre®Fitness just reminded me of a very young me that dreamt of being a ballerina. It was beautifully done, and I left empowered with the words, "I am beautiful".  I loved how it worked the different muscle groups, the cardio, the focus on posture and execution, and how the classes were so different from each other. As an instructor, I love the aspect of using my own music and choreography to my classes which shows a lot of my personality to my students.
I am from Brazil, and I loved to dance since I was a small child. I often participated in local folkloric dances from my hometown of Manaus and studied classic ballet at The Amazon Theater, the local opera house in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. Portuguese is my first language, but I am also fluent in English and Spanish. Prior to my fitness career, I worked in the tech industry where I met my husband. We have been residents of Dublin for many years, and we are happy raising our son here in the beautiful Bay Area.