Anna (Founder & Instructor)


ChoreoBarre®Fitness was created in 2014 by former Russian ballerina, Anna Gemma. Anna had implemented her studies from when she had graduated with a Bachelors degree in dance from the University of Art and Culture in Russia. Anna had immigrated to the United States and danced with the Opera Colorado, Flamendco Dance Company and was involved with the Boulder University teaching Russian Folk Dance.

In 2007, Anna had moved to San Francisco to dance with the Russian Ballet Company, Ballet Russ. She had also performed with the Academy of Flamenco based at Lines Ballet in San Francisco. After many happy years in her dance career with endless injuries and joint pain, the most important change happened in Anna's life. She became a mother. This change in direction lead Anna to an idea to combine her favorite techniques from ballet, fitness, and Pilates. The idea was to create a method easy on joints while still targeting major muscle group.