In 2014, ChoreoBarre®Fitness was founded and created by former ballerina, Anna Gemma. Her inspiration derived from her studies in school learning about Vaganova's method. Vaganova’s method, is a technique and training devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue, Agrippinia Vaganova (1879-1951). It fuses elements of traditional French style from the Romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique. The training system is designed to involve the entire body.Vaganova believed that this approach increased consciousness of the body, thus creating a harmony of movement and a greater expressive range. Vaganova's method students were expected to take daily courses in ballet as well as charter dance (folk), modern dance, calisthenics, strengthening, dance history, music, and language. Today, the Vaganova method is the most widely used ballet technique teaching method in Russian, and it is also used in Europe and North America.