Jeaneé began her fitness career by teaching group exercise classes as a means to pay her way through college. She loved the feeling of helping people transform their bodies and sometimes their lives. She obtained her B.S. in Exercise Physiology 1994. She continued in the fitness industry by learning to lead Pilates and teaching at San Jose State and then Santa Clara University. ChoreoBarre®Fitness has become her latest passion. After  takingjust 1 class with Anna Gemma, she took the Certification Workshop. Jeanee’ hopes to continue leading group exercise classes, and now she is teaching ChoreoBarre®Fitness and Pilates mat classes at LifeStyleRX  in Livermore.
“I love how my body feels during and after one of Anna’s classes. I’m shaking and enjoying the intensity of the exercises because I know I will look and feel better because of it!”