Lesli Blackman’s love of barre class developed after experiencing a knee injury. Focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility in class, led to a strong, speedy recovery and Lesli was hooked! She began to take more barre and in the process was encouraged by ChoreoBarre Fitness Founder Anna Gemma to go through her certification process to become an instructor. As a former dancer and teacher, Lesli feels at home in the studio and enjoys sharing her love of dance and fitness with others.

Lesli earned her degree in Kinesiology at the University of Houston, where she minored in dance. She performed in many dance companies and professional dance teams while pursuing her teaching credentials. She taught high school dance, directed her own dance teams, and worked as a competition judge and choreographer for many years in Texas. Upon the chance to relocate to the Bay Area, Lesli switched gears to concentrate on raising her children but continued to work out, always focusing on health and well-being.

Lesli is part of a family of four who love to travel and spend time in the wine country. She enjoys hiking with friends and her Labrador, Cali. In her spare time, you may find Lesli preparing a healthy meal for friends with unhealthy drinks!

Why ChoreoBarre? “I love the cardio aspect of this format. Why not get the heart rate up while also working on strength, balance, coordination and flexibility if you can? Any level can succeed in this class – Anyone can feel strong but also beautiful, just like a ballerina. Anna Gemma’s sweet spirit ensures this. She encourages a supportive, motivating environment, while also physically challenging the body in the best ways!”