Our extensive training program is designed to teach safe,dynamic, fun, high-energy barre classes to music on and off the ballet bar.Our program focuses on proper technique and alignment, allowing instructors to produce a variety of classes incorporating modifications and challenges.

ChoreoBarre®Fitness is organized in 11 music tracks. Each track is for a specific move or movement followed by progressions and regressions. Each exercise has a specific purpose, such as strengthening specific muscle groups, increasing extensions, as well as improving flexibility and stamina. Muscles are worked to fatigue to provide optimum results. Strengthening work is always followed by stretches to lengthen and release tension from muscle fatigue and as well as to create a longer and leaner body.

This course is intended to those already working in the field of fitness and/or hold a related certification or degree. The ChoreoBarre®Fitness certification provides the groundwork for instructors, enabling them to produce safe, effective and varied programs that address the needs and goals of every client.


Foundation Course objectives:

  1. Understand, experience, and teach proper techniques to ensure a safe and effective workout.

  2. Learn choreography and various movements for a well-balanced barre workout class.

  3. Learn how to cue, adjust, and modify moves effectively in order to create a variety of classes at any level.

  4. Teaching tips to make your class flow.

  5. Instructions and practice with music for each segment of the workout. No monthly/annual fee commitment. Create your own play list with your unique style or we can help you.

  6. Instructions and practice with music for each segment of the workout.

  7. Learn terminology.

  8. Receive the ChoreoBarre®Fitness manual to effectively guide participants to modify and choreograph future workouts.