Nicki Pimentel


My name is Nicki Pimentel and I was born and raised in California.  My father was Portuguese and I grew up shaking my hips to traditional Portuguese music at various festas. When I was young I competed in figure skating.  Part of my skating regimen was taking dance class three times a week with a choreographer.  I loved the dance aspect of skating and eventually decided to solely pursue dance. My high school and college years are filled with wonderful memories of being a cheer leader, competing in dance competitions, and taking several college classes in urban and modern dance.

I have been teaching various forms of dance fitness for over 12 years.  My love and passion for dance is equal to my love for my students. I currently teach Zumba and Power Dance.  Both have allowed me the opportunity to share my love of dance with a wide range of people.  My dance classes can be a place to just get away, find yourself again, make connections, get back into shape, or get in tune with your inner dance.  I often mix funky hip-hop moves with other dance rhythms to create an easy to follow workout that is super fun!